Property Owner's Association

Eagle Springs Ranch, WA

Board Meeting

UPDATE – As of Friday morning, air quality and traffic is worst. Therefore, the July 19th Board Meeting is cancelled. Thank you. ESR Board

As of Thursday evening, there is a high probability that the Saturday morning meeting will be cancelled due to weather and closure of I-90. A definitive answer will be posted by Friday evening.

Air Quality Alert
I-90 Closure

Board Meeting

Meeting will be held on Saturday, July 19th at 10:30am.

Location:Blue Heron Park at I-90 and Hansen Rd. on Moses Lake. Bring a chair.

Agenda: The agenda is located under the ‘Meeting Minutes’ section

Updated: 7/14/14; 7/17/14; 7/18/14

Dated: 6/29/2014

Destruction of ESR Road Signs

UPDATE – New sings are ready and our contractor will begin to install them. Mark will work closely with the contractor to place a few large test rocks in front of high for potential to get run down signs.

Dated: 3/14/2014


Dear Membership,

It looks like some folks came in early Sat morning, about 3:00am, and snapped the “No Trespass/Private Property” signs down at all our roads adjoining Black Rock road. The same folks, possibly hunters since the season opens Sat the 12th, stopped at Greg’s place…don’t know why, but they were in a dodge diesel. The Sheriff was notified this morning of the vandalism and we have a case number. Fish and game were also notified and we have the cell numbers for both officers working the area next week; they will help us with trespasses and poaching.

Thank you,

ESR Board

Dated: 10/7/2013

Eagle Springs Ranch


Eagle Springs Ranch is a community approximately 20 miles outside of Moses Lake, Washington. The Property Owner’s Association was given control in late May of 2009. Enjoy!

To register as a member, please send an email to with your name and plot number.